The woman who fought her battle up through the courts to the supreme court for the right to have an abortion has died.  Please see below’s link.

I believe a woman has the right to make her own decisions and no man, court or supreme court should take that away from her regardless of what decision she chooses.

I had two miscarriages before I gave birth to my twins back in 1979.  Having to undergo two dilation and evacuations to clean out the remains of my fetuses were extremely heartbreaking experiences.  I wanted so much to have a child.  I was devastated.  This was beyond my decision to make, it was G-Ds.

When I gave birth to my twins, they were born prematurely and my one son developed a brain bleed which left him with severe brain damage.  If my son was found to be physically challenged before birth,  would I have chosen to abort him?    Again, this would have been my decision to make.

Like I said above, regardless of pro-life or the right to abort, it is still a woman’s’ right to choose.  If I was in the position to choose, it is a private decision between me and G-D .  Regardless of my beliefs, which I haven’t stated here, it is not my business to pry in a women’s personal rights.  With that being said, the Supreme Court needs to be reminded the rights of a woman to have or not to have an abortion is not their decision.

In my opinion, the court should keep the option open for a woman to make her own decision,  Planned Parenthood needs  to be regulated so they support the rights of a woman’s decision and help them through the decision-making on an individual basis.  I believe the court should look into the practice of each Planned Parenthood agendas to legalize their actions toward supporting and not solely serving as abortion clinics.

Summary:  No man, court or individual’s belief should influence the rights of women.  It is our body, our rights and our beliefs.