About Me

About Me

I started my blog as a source of comfort and a place to write my thoughts. It is a place to cleanse my soul; to understand who I am as a mother, wife and strong passionate woman.

I am a young senior citizen who lived a very hard life. As a young girl I believed I would marry, have a few children with a wonderful passionate husband and live the rest of my life happy without any stress. This sounds like something on TV? I quickly realized this was my dream but not my destination in life. Apparently God gave me a different life, probably because he believed I was able to handle the stress and pain. He apparently knew something I didn’t know!

I married in 1971 and we began to try to have children three years later without any results. We sought treatment. With the treatment I had two miscarriages and then gave birth to twin boys, two months premature.

Michael and Jason were very sick boys the first few days. Michael began to improve. Jason was unable to be weaned from the respirator. He developed a blood clot in his brain giving him severe brain damage.

Later he was diagnosed to have spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. In English, this means he was trapped in a body that was not functioning. He had a normal brain, however; but what good is a normal brain when one is trapped in a spastic body with cerebral palsy? We had no choice but to place him in a medical facility when he was 8 years old and he lived there for 20 years until his death at the age of 28.

My life changed dramatically. I grew from a very shy young woman to a dynamic, strong and passionate woman who feels the pain of the world. I am determined to share my experiences with you in this blog with inspiration, wisdom and holding your hand or lending you my shoulder cry on; to guide you in your sorrows. I have the wisdom and passion to do this for you. I write interesting and passionate blogs. I am also available to speak at organizations, conferences and small groups with parents who are just beginning to learn about their child who has special needs.


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