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"Smile" Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole

Jason learned how to smile at a very early age. It is the first cognitive skill he mastered. He quickly figured out if he smiled at someone, they will return the smile. He enjoyed the emotion a smile created, so, it became a very important part of his facial expression; a smile!

Because he thought it was very important to be happy and express the emotion of happiness with a smile, it often covered up his physical pain. Unless he was in severe pain, after a surgical procedure, he would wear a smile no matter what. I would often whisper in his ear and ask him if he is feeling okay. He would look at me and show a tiny pout and then smile. I suppose he believed pain was part of his life.

It is my belief Jason left me on December 22, 2006 because he no longer was able to cover up his physical and mental pain with a smile. Since it was too hard for him to be happy, it was his time to leave me and go somewhere for peace and tranquility. He was ready. I wasn’t but after eight years, I now understand.

He is now my guardian angel watching over me and guiding me to help others with inspiration and love.

Virtual Hugs to you all, friends:


4 thoughts on “A Smile That Can Light Up A Room

  1. Oh, Jude, my heart goes out to you. Jason did have a beautiful smile. I bet he is smiling even bigger from above cradled in His love. Remember the precious moments and smiles and hold them close to your heart. Blessings and hugs!


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