I participated in a very relaxing and “zen-like” experience yesterday with an online retreat presented by

Sherita Sparrow, ADC, CDP
Therapeutic Art Specialist

The Feather’s Touch
A holistic therapeutic art company that
enhances the quality of life for seniors in
nursing homes, assisted living communities
and adult daycares as well as individuals with
special needs and/ or intellectual disabilities.

I love the idea of being part of a retreat in the comfort of my own home. Technology is amazing.

I am proud to call Sherita a friend and Andrea Horowitz as well. She participated with me in the retreat. We all have common interests and seem to connect in a spiritual way.



We were instructed in the process of creating our own mandala after a meditation moment to clear our mind and help in the relaxation process. We were given specific instructions. I allowed my inner soul to create the above mandala.

Sherrita shared interpretations of each color we chose and the shapes we used.

I finished my mandala and it occurred to me I used several circles within my design. I had no predetermined thoughts of what I was going to create. It reminded me of the song, The Circle of Life” from The Lion King. Interestingly, my inner soul guided me to this design which was my son Jason’s favorite song. He would smile and react positively every time he heard it.

In conclusion, I found the entire experience to be very powerful. I allowed my inner soul to create and not my mind. I interpreted this to mean I finally let go of him emotionally, no longer in the mourning process and now he is in my heart and soul guiding me to succeed in my life goals.

Hugs to you all… friends


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