A Reveal of me…..

For the past few years I shared my thoughts, my life, my opinions and hopefully inspired you, my friends on WordPress and beyond.  Now I am being very brave and sharing myself with you in an image form.

I have an inner critic that lived with me for many years.  Hopefully by revealing me, this very evil inner critic will vanish for good.  I suppose age helps me to reveal myself and get rid of the insecurities along with that nasty inner critic.


This is me….Jude of Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom.  Not bad for a “young senior citizen?”

I must admit I am now feeling a little vulnerable.  Get over it Jude!!!




I asked Terree to capture the inner me as only a very talented photographer could do.  She found my inner soul and captured it well!!   Kudos to Terree from The Moment Photographer.

Let me end by giving you my inspiration.  Always believe in yourself, never doubt yourself and always see You as beautiful person inside and out.






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