In 1902 my grandfather left Lithuania to American shores looking for a better life for his wife and son. He found a home in upstate New York and worked as a rag salesman riding his horse and buggy through the streets.

My grandmother and uncle, who was a small child, crossed the ocean to join him. She was a very brave woman traveling alone with her small child.

Together they managed to raise five more children enduring two miscarriages. They were proud to be Americans.

Immigrants formed our country along with the native Indians. I believe in liberty for all people.


I am very proud of my family heritage. I am the third generation of American immigrants. #President Trump – Please do not take away the rights of immigrants to enter our country legally who want to be Americans. These people are coming here after several years of vetting. They are fleeing from persecution. This is what my grandfather did many years ago. He was also fleeing from war he didn’t believe in due to his religious beliefs. LET THEM BE AMERICANS!!



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