Nonpartisan Approach to Inauguration Day

Peaceful change with transition of US Government

Are you scared, angry or depressed with the changes that will take place this Friday in our Government?  Or maybe you are excited about the new regime and can’t wait to see the changes made that was promised during the campaign.  In any case, you have to be emotional for your own personal reasons.  Change is hard.  Change is scary.

I will not express my political beliefs in this blog.  The social media outlets are doing enough of this for me.  My point of this article is to encourage both sides of the aisle to keep the peace and don’t forget we are a free nation. We all have the right to express our views but it needs to be done peacefully.   If you are personally affected by changes made with the new regime, you should call your Congressman and Senator and let them know.  They are supposed to represent their constituents  and it is your responsibility to let them know your feelings over and over again.  Just remember to be forceful and firm but do not let your anger take over, because it can get ugly.



Image result for serenity prayer

I do not let anything scare me.  I have been through too much and refuse to let life control me.  I am proud of where I live, “A free nation, under G-D, with liberty and justice for all.”  I have to believe in peace, nondiscrimination and women’s rights.  However, if someone attacks these beliefs; I will not respond with anger or violence.  I will continue to spread my inspiration; however, I will call my representative and let him/her know my opinion.  I will continue to spread  my beliefs through this blog with the  hope of teaching “love – not war.”

Let me finish by sharing the beautiful words and voice of Louis Armstrong:

Stay calm my friends,











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