Am I the only one happy that 2016 is soon over? It has been one hell of a year. Politically it was a train wreck no natter who you backed; because the entire race was a fiasco for both sides. The name calling, lies and innuendos were over the top.

We lost many good people who made a contribution to our world. May they all Rest In Peace.

Personally it was a very difficult year for many reasons. My soul released the hidden anger and mourning I refused to acknowledge for many years. It was very painful to face my past but at the same time, I have faced them, and now learning to live with the memories.

I was forced to deal with financial issues as well. However, I am resourceful and solved each issue with quiet endurance and skills learned from prior history.

Yes, I am looking toward a better new year. I still have my dreams and goals and will work diligently to reach positive results. I am registered to attend a workshop in April to be a trained certified Zentangle instructor and will use my training to teach Zentangle designs as a form of healing ones’ heart and soul. We all need a way to find peace in our lives and why not use art therapeutically.

This is a link I am proud to reveal. It is an honor for me to have this opportunity.


What changes are you going to make in 2017? I hope the new year brings all of you good health and prosperity.


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