Note: Dear friends- I want you to know that I am good and this letter to my son Jason will be an annual letter I will write just to honor his passing. This past year I let go of him emotionally with the help of his brother and a wonderful therapist who is teaching me to take care of myself. I am and this is a tribute to honor him as a son who taught me about life.

Dear Jason,

Wow it is ten years today that you went to heaven. Life just flies by these days. I am busy working on creating a career to honor your legacy by paying it forward. I believe you will be proud of me. I also now believe you do not want me to mourn your loss anymore. It is very draining to my heart and soul and I know you would be disappointed in my behavior.

Next year may be the turning point of my career. I decided to use my passion creating art to help heal. Creating for me was something I always turned to while I sat by your side in the hospital rooms. Do you remember all the needlepoint I created? I am going to be certified to teach Zentangle Art this spring and I will teach this healing art form to help heal people who are troubled by life, disabled people who will love creating tangles for therapeutic purposes and anyone who needs to be distracted from a very busy life.

I will always miss your beautiful smile but I am comforted that you are at peace and no longer suffer the affects of your deteriorating body. You come to me in my dreams and I look forward to seeing you.

Please know I will never forget you. You have a special place in my ❤️ dear Jason
Be in peace,

Love Mom.

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