A very powerful song sung by Cher. The words are not related to my topic today but the title is. I will share the video because I like the song and just maybe you would like to see Cher sing it.

So…if I can bring back time my life may be different. It is more like, if I knew what I know now, I would be the person I didn’t know I wanted to be. This may not be clear to you. Please allow me to explain.

Let me take you back to 1968 when I graduated high school. I didn’t believe I was college material. I didn’t have the ambition to attend college. I was a product of my generational parents who both didn’t attend college, and therefore, didn’t encourage me to do so. My mother wanted me to be happy and successful working at a good job and marry and have children. After all, this was her life and she was happy.

However, what I know now and didn’t know back in 1968, I am very creative and I love to write. If only I knew this about myself as a young woman.

Fast forward forty years, I am putting together a career now from years of finding my inner love and of course raising two amazing boys. They taught me more than a college education would have given me, the ability to show compassion, love for mankind and the strong yearning to pay it forward.

In 2017 I will have a career that will help me feel fulfilled as a woman. I have been a daughter, wife and mother but never a woman with dreams and goals that I have now.

In April I will be taking a five day course which will certify me to teach a very unique art form called Zentangles. With this certification I will be able to teach workshops. Please see the URL below. It is a form of art that creates healing and relaxation.


I am going to take my newly formed career one step further by taking an online six month course to certify me nationally to be an art therapist.

I found my true calling, using my creative skills and the compassion I learned from my boys to pay it forward.

I will keep you all up to date and if you are interested in learning this healing art form, I will be happy to teach you in video format, workshops and speaking engagements.


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