Let me begin, my friends, by extending my sincere apology for my recent posts regarding the craziness of this political season. You all know I dedicate my blog to supporting human rights for all people regardless of their ethnicity, religion, disability and sexual orientation. We are all human beings first. I share my inspiration to all.

With that being said, I hope this will be my last political post. However, depending on the outcome Tuesday, I cannot promise.

I previously stated I will not promote either candidate but I cannot keep quiet when a candidate running for the most powerful office in our free world, mock disabled people and degrade woman. I will not accept this behavior.

I am aware we had past presidents whose behaviors’ were unacceptable, but they didn’t display their indecencies in the public eye. I know the internet’s social networking exacerbates the news in today’s world.

Let’s remove all the indecencies and go to the core of the issues. Who is more experienced, capable, intelligent and who do you trust to be responsible to make the powerful decisions that affect our freedom and safety. Who will continue to respect all people regardless of their differences.

Please go out to vote.


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