In advance to next month’s Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, I decided I need to clear my mind of what I am not grateful for. I need to relieve the craziness of the state of my mind so I can concentrate on the positive.

Without hesitation, I am not grateful for the state of our government. In fact, I am embarrassed by the behavior of our candidates, none of whom deserve the office of the most powerful country in the world. I will be grateful when this ends so I will not have to continue watching the outrageous commercials I am forced to put up with, no matter the outcome, OY VEY (a Yiddish term describing OMG, crazy and outrageous circumstance.) I would like to add the overexposure of our candidates on the TV networks contributes to my ungrateful feelings.

I am ungrateful for the lack of funding and total ignorance of our legislators who choose to ignore the minority of our country, the intellectually mental and physically impaired community. Excuse me, do you all know they are human beings and deserve to be recognized as voting members of our country. They have rights and they should not have to be waiting on long waiting lists for funding or should their parents have to beg for every service their child so desperately need. Come on now Mr. Trump, your behavior is outrageous. Your behavior in the past several months, only make their plight worse.

Please understand I am not happy with either candidate. I believe in the right to vote and I will exercise my right, however; this forces me to choose the best of the worse. OH VEY!!!


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