I understand today has been designated as grandparents day. As a grandparent of two delightful grandchildren, I will cherish this day. It does remind me of some words of wisdom I would like to pass on to our younger generation of parents.

Last evening I enjoyed a few hours of fun, love and a little craziness watching my son and daughter-in-law attempting to juggle their busy lives while raising two very normal children, Dylan, seven years old and Lindsey four. They are typical children who try and see how far they can go to push their parents to total frustration. I’m sure you all can relate. I had the same behavior from my son many years ago.

Listen up, enjoy the chaos, take a breath and be grateful it is all normal child rearing. I understand in today’s generation, both parents are juggling careers and raising children; take it from a wise grand mom, you will survive.

Let me leave you with just one thought, be grateful your children are healthy, able to speak, walk and learn. Take this loving advice from one who knows.


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