I hate to wake up each morning and turn on the TV.  One never knows what happened over night.  It appears, too often lately, we hear about another bomb, shooting spree and even a country attempting to be taken over by rebels.  However, how can I not turn on the television.  I need to be informed, no matter the consequences.

I often sit alone in my house crocheting another design.  I do not turn on the television because I enjoy the quietness and an opportunity to think about good times and fun memories of the past.  I grew up in the 1950-1960s as a child into young adulthood.  I lived in a large city – Philadelphia.  As you may know, Philadelphia is known for the city of neighborhoods and row homes.  I lived in Northeast Philadelphia in a row home on a small city street with one lane parking and very little traffic.

As a young child I would be out almost all day playing with my friends.  My mother didn’t need to fear for my safety.  We didn’t have electronic toys, computers or cell phones.  We used our imaginations.  How is that possible, you might ask?  Very easy, we were not distracted by all the garbage we have today.  We depended on ourselves to play.  A few games I remember are hopscotch, jax, throw a ball up against the side of the house with a friend for points, step ball, hide and seek and jump rope.

I really enjoyed sitting out at night on a warm summer evening and all children and parents were out as well.  Sometimes we played kick ball in the street, children against the parents.  Everyone got along and had fun.

Halloween was especially fun because my sister and I would go with our friends to different streets and stay out as late as 10 or 11 at night, depending if it was a school night. We had no fears and neither did our parents.  We use to gather at the corners of each street and share what house was giving out money or the best candy.

I am sharing and reminiscing with you because life is not like this anymore.  I miss it.  What I especially miss is the feeling of being safe.  I didn’t know I wasn’t safe.  I would also travel on the buses and trains all over the city by myself to go to the orthodontists or a volunteer job I had for the summer.

When I was eighteen I took the train to downtown Philly and walked several blocks to where we would meet the bus to take us to Fort Dix or McQuire Airforce base to attend a USO dance.  My friends and I would take the train home with no fear, other than watching the large rats scampering along the walls.

I fear for my children and grandchildren and what their life wlll be like twenty some years from now.  I may or may not still be here on earth, but I hope and pray we will have a safer world to live in.  I only wished they had the experiences I had as a child.

Raising my sons were not too bad.  We lived on a larger street but we were very lucky to always have wonderful neighbors who were supportive, loving and I will always be grateful for those years raising my sons, 1979-2000.

Yes…we do live in a dangerous world today.  Dear friends…please be diligent in what you do on the internet and the phone calls you receive that can be scams.  I learned the hard way, as you know, from a previous post.  They are looking for people who appear vulnerable on the internet.  The older generation who are not up to date with technology can easily be scammed, are their targets.  Be diligent and careful dear friends.  I pray for all your safetly.  At the same time…do not give in to this fear, be careful and have safe fun.











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