A few weeks ago I received an email offering me a position as a personal assistant. He told me he is an artist and also buys and sells artifacts to other brokers and museums throughout the world. I was scanning the internet for this type of position and my name is listed on some sites.

The job offer was intriguing and the salary was good. I responded but was careful not to give any personal information other than my name, address and phone number which is easily obtainable on the web anyway.

He responded with a questionnaire asking about my previous experience and questions related to the job I should know, to prove I was a reliable candidate. One week later he responded and offered me the job.

A few days after this I received an email giving me instructions for my first task. I was going to receive a check in the mail and he gave me precise instructions to deposit it in my account, keep some money for my salary bonus and get the rest in cash and deposit it in another bank. He gave me a name and account number. This money is to be used for a computer, software, cell phone and web assistance that I will receive to start my job.

This sounded fishy to me. Something told me to be careful. By the way, at the same time, I was being hassled by another company sending me checks to work as a secret shopper which I never agreed to do. My second clue came in an email from this artist asking me if I received the package and he signed it with a title of Human Resource Manager of a Secret Shopper Company.

Okay, now I knew I was being spammed. However, I received the package with the check and brought it over to my credit union who knows me well. They researched the name on the check and then was able to key in the routing number and account number. It was a check that had no money backing it, proving it was a spam. The teller told me they see this spam all the time. If I deposited the check, it would have been returned in two days showing insufficient funds and I would have been responsible for $4000.00.

It is unfortunate there are people on the internet looking for people like me. I am 65, vulnerable, based on their research about me, and figured I was a good candidate.

I am not the sucker they think I am. Having lived the tough life I did, only toughened me more to be aware of scandals and thieves. If you are out there dear scammer and reading this, I AM NOT AN OLD FART OR STUPID.

Please be careful dear friends. The world is not like it use to be when I was growing up. It is scary, dangerous, and untrustful and I fear for my children and grandchildren for their future safety in our continuously violent and scamming world we now live in.


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