Independence Day – Discrimination??

Who are we who live in a land of freedom?
We are all human beings on the outside and in our souls.
We all wish for peace and freedom no matter of our heritage
or the color of our skin, sexual orientation and religious folds.

Some of our ancestors fled from their home because of their religion,
Hoping to arrive by ship to the shores of promising peace.
They arrived in a strange world so different in many ways;
their bravery trusting this strange land would give them many years of peaceful relief.

For many years we celebrated the day, July 4, 1776,
to acknowledge the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
It was a proud day in our history.
We became a land where all people were considered free.

Why am I confused? Doesn’t freedom include all people?
Apparently not, since some have been fighting the right of
discrimination since July 4,1776.

When we gather with our family and friends this weekend,
please remember we have more work to do.
We all have the right to freedom
regardless of our color, religion, body shape, sexual orientation, disabilities,culture and ethnicity.

Friends…I wish you a fun and peaceful weekend with your friends and family.





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