The world we live in is very frightening in so many ways.  I cannot leave my house without  wondering if a person is going to either abduct me or pull out a gun and shoot me.   If I am in my car waiting for the red light to change and I do not react quickly enough (two seconds), a horn will blast almost throwing me out of my seat from fright.  If I am driving too slow (at the noted speed limit I must add), the car behind me will swirl his car in front of me, give me a dirty look or the finger,  just to reach the next street before me.  Go figure?  I love when you are waiting at a light and the person in the car beside you is either staring at you or picking their nose; better yet, they are talking on the phone.

Let me make this very clear so you will not misunderstand, I am not afraid of any man or woman, regardless of color or sexual orientation.  I watch enough TV and movies about violence and feel I clearly understand when I should be in fear.

You cannot even feel comfortable in your own house.  I am grateful to have a phone that tells me who is calling, that is if I can understand it.  If not, the phone number comes through on the television as long as I am not watching something On Demand or Netflex.  If I didn’t get calls for energy use, upgrading my mortgage, upgrading my healthcare, asking for donations or selling me a new product, my phone would never ring.  My family and friends  send me texts.

Texting is no long private.  The other day I was offered a job in a text.  I responded to the phone number, just being curious, and no one answered.  A few minutes later a woman calls me and asked if I just called her.  I responded afirmatively and she preceded to inform me the text I received  was a spam and her phone number is on the text.  You can only imagine how many calls she is getting.  I apologized for bothering her and told her I appreciated her calling me back.  This world we live in is crazy for sure.

Don’t even get me started with the internet.  I have been sitting for hours the last few days trying to upgrade my domain to another server.  My domain renewal was due and I decided to change to another server that relates better with WordPress.  Why do I put myself in these situations knowing nothing is going to be easy?   I am now waiting for customer service to call me back because I purchased a design from an advertised company through WordPress and I cannot download it to my site.  I received instructions and it is easy to follow.  I found the download button to make a zip file of my design but nothing happened.  An error message showed in its place.   I called and waiting online for ten minutes until a recording asked if I wanted to leave my phone number and message and they will call me back.  I am still waiting…..and you are enjoying my blog post I decided to write to pass the time (ha ha). I believe the lesson learned here, do not change something that is working!

I would like to add one more point and I will close this post.  The demonstration that took place in congress the other day was so impressive.  It doesn’t matter what political affiliation I am or you, it is the passion they showed to something they felt was not getting the attention needed.  This is what democracy is all about.

I am against violence of any kind and if I was a congressman, I would have joined them in their sit-in.  It is the passion that excites me.  There is too much violence in our world every day and our representatives were taking action they believed in and I say BRAVO to them.  I know the fight is not over.


Have a great weekend,
















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