Let me tell you a story about a father who was deprived of acknowledgement for many years. He is a man of a few words and probably would not like this post because he doesn’t want the attention. He would ask what makes me so special? I am here to tell you why he deserves to be a special Dad!

The day our twins were born my husband (Allen) was not allowed in the operating room. I was having an emergency C-section. Anyway, in 1979, fathers were not invited to be with their wives.

The boys were immediately resuscitated and placed on respirators and then rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I saw Allen as I was being wheeled out of the OR and he was dressed in scrubs. He told me the doctor invited him in to see the boys and he saw me before I was sutured, and was told he never flinched. My doctor told me he never hesitated to see me and the boys.

He came over to comfort me and then quickly followed both boys to the NICU. He stayed with them all afternoon, alternating from seeing me and the boys.

Several months later we needed to feed tube Jason and suction him and he never hesitated to perform both techniques.

When both boys were home and Jason was healthier, he played with them both like dads do; rough play on the floor and throwing them up in the air. It never occurred to him Jason was different. Jason loved it. The more Allen played with him, the more he wanted it;laughing so hard and kicking his legs and his arms with spastic motions.

Later on when Jason became to heavy for me to manage, he helped me each night bathing and getting him ready for bed. On the weekends, he would get up earlier, change Jason and leave him in bed with me and Michael while he went downstairs to prepare breakfast and feed Jason.

After Jason left home he finally had the time to be a real Dad for Michael. Allen took Michael to all his little league baseball games and even volunteered to be an assistant coach. He was also involved with Boy Scouts with Michael.

Finally, Allen signed Michael up to be a ball boy at an Eagles game for the upcoming season. He decided not to tell him in case he was never picked. However, this was the year when the Eagles made the playoffs and Michael was picked for the game. It was the last game Buddy Ryan managed.

I believed my husband did not get the tribute he deserved. I want to give him the tribute now because I realized how special a Dad he was and still is.


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