I am disabled.
People stare at me.
Why is this so.?

I am gay.
I am different.
People hate me, Why?
Because I choose my own
sexual orientation?

I am Jewish.
This is the religion I am.
Why do people hate me
because of my chosen belief?

I am an African American.
People hate me.
What makes me different
because of the color of my skin?

We all have been created equal
regardless of our abilities, sexual
orientation,religion and the color of
our skin.

We all are human beings
created by God.
I do not believe it was his intention
to create people with hate in their blood.

Dear God, I believe you are watching
all the hatred expressed
who demonstrates harsh discrimination.

I am praying for you today
to heal those who have been discriminated upon
in the most brutalizing way.

Please help us heal and give us hope
Dear God, help us find a way,
to create peace and teach us how
we can somehow live as equal
regardless of our different ways.



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