Just a few hours ago while I was sitting at my comfy spot on my couch with the television off, what a phenomenon,🤔I started a new knitting project. I thought I just might try sitting with no background noise, and to my surprise, I enjoyed the quiet. The knitting project is simple so it does not require too much concentration; I knitted row after row just enjoying the tranquility of the moment. Surprisingly, I cleared my mind and was inspired to try a different design for my next project. See what happens when you meditate.

What a surprise, I was actually relaxing, meditating.

It has been a whirlwind week scheduling my craft show calendar, reopening my Etsy shop, cleaning up my online art show on and attempting to contact crafters for our annual craft show in November. I volunteered to be the recruiter this year. I will never understand why people do not respond to emails, forcing me to call them on the phone begging to join our show.

Okay, back to my knitting meditation, keep calm Jude!!

By the way, I have been knitting and crocheting for the past seven months building my inventory to sell online and at craft shows.

You see how stressed I am?? You might ask, why am I doing this to myself? The answer is simply, I LOVE IT. I need to be busy. I love knitting and crocheting and painting. Unfortunately, I haven’t picked up a paint brush for months.

Okay guys, the point of this post is to remind you if you have a busy life like I do, please remember to take time for yourself. Do something you enjoy. Your work isn’t going anywhere, it will be there, as you left it, when you return. The difference is, you will take time for yourself and will have a different perspective after meditating for a few minutes. All the work will make more sense and it will get done faster, more accurately and maybe with a new attitude. If you are a painter or you create in some way like I do, you return to your work with inspiration and a brighter and creative mindset.

With all of the above being noted, I must return to my meditative knitting, enjoying the process and forcing myself to relax, one muscle at a time.

Virtual hugs friends,

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