I wrote this poem after a few months in therapy. I am learning so much about myself and how amazing our inner souls react to years of stress and challenges. This poem expresses what I have learned so far and why I have felt I was living outside of my body for many years.


I cannot feel sadness;
I cannot cry.
The tears are not there;
dear God, please tell me why.

I had a very challenging life
which caused me to be withdrawn.
Dear God, is this why I cannot cry
because the tears are all gone.

I want to feel emotion after many years of not,
how can I let go of all my anger
dear God, if my heartache will not stop.

God answered me in my dreams;
he said my dear you need to let go
Of all the pain within.
He said if I do not let go,
a new happy life will not begin.

I believe God supported me through the years.
I do not believe he is the cause of my lack of tears.
I believe he helped me through the pain
and taught me to be strong for which I gained.

I must reach out to him once more
to help me let go of my painful years
and guide me one more time
to help me bring back my tears.

Judith Iris Quate

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