Jason – A Poem

I have been inspired. I challenged myself to write a poem. I hope you like my first attempt in poetry.

I am always willing to challenge myself; try something new. If you are inspired by something, go for it. If you like the results and you are proud of your accomplishment, then you succeeded in your goal and it doesn’t matter what others think

A child is born
so tiny and frail,
his little body
is no bigger than a snail.

He is born premature,
needing a tube to breath;
because his lungs are
unable to be free.

Because of his strong fragility,
a blood vessel burst,
his future is now in the hands
of an uncontrolled curse.

This little baby grew to become
a young boy with many frailties.
It soon becomes quite apparent
he will live his life with disabilities.

This did not stop him from becoming
a young man with a beautiful smile
that lights up a room
you can see for many miles.

This young boy grows to manhood
full of spirit and hope.
The many people who are honored to know him,
learn a valuable lesson in how to cope.

One day this gentle soul of a young man
whose smile can no longer hide his pain.
Understanding his life will soon end
because God has a new plan.

His days on earth are over but do not be upset,
God has taken him under his wing
teaching him a rewarding job that will be his next quest.

He now serves as a guardian angel
who watches over his loving family.
He has a more important mission that promises to be,
a job that will fulfill everyone’s life so important indeed.


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