The most important value I can share is to never let anyone make you feel inferior. Always believe in your strengths, values and most importantly, yourself. Never let anyone take this away from you. You have the right to be you in the way you express yourself, dress, and what you feel in your heart and soul.

If you are in a relationship where you are under someone’s influence where you are unable to reach out to your family or friends, you are being controlled. This person is trying to own you, control your every moment and your ability to choose what you wear and how you look. He/she controls you financially where you are given a small allowance for your daily needs. This is mental, emotional and financial abuse.

This is not a normal relationship. You have the right to make your own decisions for yourself. You have the power to be a woman with your own desires, beliefs, make your own decisions and be free to be who you are as a powerful human being with freedom to choose for yourself.

If you are experiencing anything I expressed above, I implore you to seek help. Google abuse on the Internet and find a local center to call. Seek help through your clergy or family doctor.

There are organization’s right at your finger tips ready to take your call and support you. Don’t be afraid. Reach out for help, it will change your life.



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