If I find out I was going to die in five years, how would I find out and what would I do in my last five years?

I am in the last stage of my life now that I turned 65 last August. I officially graduated to senior standards the day I received my Medicare card in the mail. For practical and according to our countries standards, I’m basically an old fart. However, for my standards, I reached the best years’ of my life. I walk three miles a week, work 12 hours a week and I’m having a blast, doing what I choose to do when I want to. I am as busy as I was raising twin toddlers, one who had special needs. According to my doctor at my last check up, I’m extremely healthy. Having to think about death doesn’t scare me. I see it as part of the life cycle. When it’s my time, God will know.

Possibly God will visit me in my dreams and will whisper, oh so gently, “Jude I am coming for you to take you to your loved ones in five years.”

I would certainly appreciate the heads up and will make each day, every hour and each minute and second count. I will dedicate the remaining days of my life watching my grandchildren excel and prosper in their individual dreams and goals. I will mend my fractured soul and search for continued happiness within myself and my loved ones. I want to experience signs of peace in our world with the hope the violence will begin to mend.

I will work on paying it forward by mentoring, guiding, teaching and supporting families with special needs children.

Dear God:

I sincerely ask you wait at least twenty more years to send me your message because I still haven’t finished the work you asked of me when you gave me Jason.

Thank you for your consideration of this request


2 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS ON DEATH

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Judy. My mother-in-law, when she was 86 years old, told God she wasn’t ready for Him to take her yet, and she lived another nine years. So, I figured, if I told God I wasn’t ready to ‘go’ yet, that he would honor my request! I have way too much to do yet in life, including, as you mentioned, watching my children and grandchildren reach their goals. And it is a joy to watch them grow up!


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