Childhood Fun

I recently found a Kindle book, 1000 Awesome Writing Prompts, by Ryan Andrew Kinder. I downloaded this book to use as a crutch when I suffer writer’s block. Most of the time I write from something that inspires me, either a written article, movie, TV or life experience.

I also see this as a challenge for me to write something out of my comfort zone. I feel responsible to follow my mission of my blog to write good stories, videos and music to inspire you.

With that being said, my first prompt is, “describe an important item from my childhood, why was it important and where it is now.

As a child I enjoyed spending time alone. I enjoyed listening to my 45 records and dance along with the twist, pony, cha cha, Bristol stomp and my favorite partner was the stair railing. However, what stood out immediately after reading this prompt, was my special scrap book. It was a book filled with autograph pictures of famous celebrities from the 60s.

For some reason I enjoyed receiving mail. Odd? I bought movie and music magazines, and at the end of an article, an address would be posted where one can obtain an autograph picture. I enjoyed writing letters and requesting an autograph picture. I would send a letter once or twice a week.

How excited I was when I would arrive home from school and find an envelope with my name on it. I still remember some of the pictures I collected and pasted in my scrap book such as Sal Mineo, Nat King Cole, Paul Anka, Bobby Rydell, Chris Kristofferson, Patty Duke, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Donna Reed, Natalie Wood, and many more I can no longer recall.

This scrapbook was important to me because of the effort I made to fill it. As I said above, I loved getting mail. Where it is now, I can only assume it has been recycled. My dear mother, not realizing the importance of my treasure, threw it away when we moved from my childhood house in 1968.
A few years later after remembering this scrapbook, I dug through boxes in our basement my mom stored from the old house, and my scrap book wasn’t there. Mom didn’t recall the book. She probably threw it out.

Mom didn’t like clutter and had the tendency to throw things out compulsively. It wasn’t her fault, I should have kept it with my treasures in my room.

Please feel free to respond with your response to this prompt. I would love to read your stories.


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