Before one can gain and extend respect, you need to first love and respect yourself. Look into the mirror and honor the person looking back at you. Forgive yourself for past aggressions and wrongful acts. Allow yourself to leave the past behind and start 2016 fresh with a clear head and a new perspective of yourself and how you see others. Be happy. Without self love and happiness, there cannot be self respect and furthermore, respect others in your life and beyond.

Treat others as you want to be treated. If you walk pass someone, smile at them. Most importantly don’t forget the people who are different.

Respecting humanity regardless of their color, ethnicity, body shape, religious beliefs, politics, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities is a small step one must take to heighten and demonstrate a change in people. This one step may lead to more steps for humanity to learn how to be respectful. Just one small step can lead to changes in the violent world we live in.

Let’s make this a goal for 2016. I hope and pray the New Year will bring changes; however, I am not optimistic. I am scared but must hold onto a thread of hope. Let’s take one small tiny step by learning to respect yourself and others

Happy New Years

3 thoughts on “R E S P E C T

  1. 2014-2015 has been rough but God has plucked me away from the storms. I have had to “let go” of things this week as God opened the doors for better! I am stronger personally, and in faith, and look forward to a better year.
    I have learned to love myself for the first time and reconnected with who I really am and what I truly believe in.
    Faith, hope, love, joy, peace, and humbleness. 🎉 Shalom!


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