I often wondered as a child what it would be like to wake up on Christmas morning, my sister and I racing down the stairs to see what Santa left us under the tree. We would ecstatically look for gifts with our name on it and quickly tear alway the wrapping to find what Santa brought us this year. Mom and dad would be watching joyfully as our eyes were large with excitement.

Oh know, don’t feel sorry for me. I get it. It’s Christmas. I got what I wanted this year for Hanukkah. I may not have a Christmas tree sparkling in my family room; I had the joy of lighting a Hanukkah candle for eight nights, saying the prayer the way my mom did when I was young.

I called my son this morning and hesitated not knowing how to greet a son of mine who is Jewish; however, in his infinite wisdom, greeted me “happy Hanukkah.” In the background I hear my grandchildren in shear excitement imagining them wandering through the array of opened boxes and wrapping paper. They were totally psyched out “Bubby I got Xbox” and “Bubby I got Barbie’s house!”

My son is loving the excitement of Christmas, sharing the holiday with my dear daughter-in-law who grew up every Christmas morning rummaging through the array of gifts Santa left her.

I will be visiting them later trying to explain to my very bright grandchildren how Santa left their gifts at our house. I’m sure My grandson will have many questions like, “how did Santa find your house Bubby, you’re Jewish? Did he get lost, or maybe he knew you have grandchildren who celebrate Christmas and left them with you to bring to us, yes, that is what happened Bubby.”

I wish all of you a very merry Christmas and my gift to you are a few of my favorite songs of the season. ENJOY!

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