As a young girl I loved listening to my parents’ collection of show music from their console record player. It was a mahogany cabinet beautifully designed with two parts, the top housed the radio and record player and the bottom drawer opened displaying their collection of records.

I would often play an assortment of their collection of show music when I was alone and would pretend I was on the broad way stage singing along with Music Man, Gypsy, The King and I, South Pacific, Flower Drum Song and especially The Sound of Music. My favorite song was Climb Every Mountain, sung buy the lovely and talented Julie Andrews. For some reason I was drawn to this song. I was only a young teenager at the time, however, the words to this song had some powerful meaning to me.

I was an unimpressionable young girl who had dreams but they were instilled in my soul waiting for me to experience life; only then will they find their way to me and allow me to start climbing my mountain.

I’m working my way up that mountain now with the hope I will reach the top and my dreams will come to fruition. One must never stop dreaming and reaching for your personal goals. If you work hard enough and know that you did everything you could do, just wait, you will reach your mountain top.

My favorite reality show is The Voice. Please listen to Jordan Smith singing his signature song, Climb Every Mountain in the above video.

When he auditioned the first night of the show in the blind editions, he blew everyone away with his angelic voice without knowing what he looked like. He received a four chair turn. He is a young man who may not look like the image of a pop star; however, it doesn’t matter, he proved himself through his talent that he could climb that mountain and achieve his dream of winning The Voice last night, December 15, 2015.

I challenge each one of you to climb that mountain and reach toward the peak of your mountain to achieve your dreams.

Happy holidays and a very healthy and prosperous New a Year dear friends.



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