To begin with I must apologize to all my friends here on WordPress for my absence. I am dealing with personal issues and have been working very hard to heal and return to the place I love, here on WordPress, to express my feelings, inspiration and love.

With that being said I am most grateful to a wonderful web designer who I am very proud to call my friend. I met her through a local women’s organization and she is just starting out creating her business and I was in need of someone who can give me a site I can be proud of and show the world who I am and what my passions are to create a business as a parent advocate, artist, author and public speaker. I changed the name of my business to Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom because I believe it reflects who I am as a woman and what my plans for the future are.

Without further hesitation please check out my new site. Please feel free to comment and send me a message through the site. I am very proud of launching it and showing the world what I am all about.

If you like what you see and are looking for a web designer, please look her up. I listed her name and website below. She specializes in WordPress site.

Designed by: Molly Dodge, Owner
Dodge Web Designs

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