Ten Years Later

I just finished watching Sunday Morning on CBS. A majority of today’s show was dedicated to the remembrance of the devastation of Katrina that hit New Orleans hard ten years ago yesterday.

Millions of dollars were raised and used to rebuild the infrastructure of the city, rebuilding the stadium, high rise office buildings, a beautiful high tech hospital and new schools; however, it appears the money provided to rebuild all of New Orleans was distributed unfairly, full of loop holes and red tape.

The portion of the documentary made it clear to me, the powers to be who distributed the funds to rebuild houses were discriminating. Houses similarly structured in white neighborhoods were rebuilt with funds from insurance and government grants. However, the same structured-type houses before Katrina, were under valued based on demographics of the neighborhood before Katrina. The people in the poorer neighborhoods are still without houses.

Please watch the YouTube piece I found. This clearly demonstrates the problems and discrimination some New Orleans neighborhoods are experiencing. I am not surprised, this is happening all over our country demonstrated by recent violence in our cities.

I feel we are going backwards in our country related to discrimination. I am a firm believer of equality to all regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and disabilities. Come on people….we all are the same in our souls and hearts.

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