An interesting question and one I believe needs to be evaluated further.

In many cultures and religions, couples meet for the first time on their wedding day. Their parents negotiate and make the match for their union. This tradition has been followed for many years and the children understand and accept it as part of their beliefs. I would like to believe they learn to embrace the tradition and hopefully with time, love develops in their union. However, I hope they are happy in love.

I wonder at what age do we really have the concept of what true love is. A couple who meets and marries very young, are they mature enough to understand the meaning of real love. What will happen to their love if they unfortunately are challenged with unexpected tragedy? Will they be happy in love?

What is real love? Is real love only portrayed in movies or novels? I want to believe there are many couples who experience real love. I want to believe they meet at a young age, not yet matured enough to understand real love, but found it after many years together and it grows to be true love. They are happy in love.

Of course there is true unconditional love a dog will share with their owners. Humans need to learn from dogs and how they truly express love. There is nothing more gratifying then the unconditional love a dog shares with their owner.

Unfortunately, there are marriages that may begin with mutual love but for some reason, the mutual love they believed they had, was built on nothing but misunderstandings, personality changes which leads to some type of abuse.

To summarize and clarify, simply, love is hard work. If you really believe in love, work hard in your relationship, respect each other, honor each other and just maybe you will experience happiness in love.

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