A Perfect Day….

is a day when you wake up slowly, taking the time to allow your eyes to rid the haze, allowing your soul to return from the deep world of the unknown that placed you in the magical world of imagination.  You lay there quietly contemplating the dream you experienced.  You slowly begin to stretch your arms and legs carefully performing range of motion to each joint, one at a time.

You are awake and properly stretched, climb out of bed and look out the window to watch the sun slowly rising high in the sky with all its glorious beauty.  You feel the warmth of its shine and know it will be a warm day.  You scan around with your now awakened eyes to see the large trees surrounding your house and the bird nest sitting on the branch of the pine tree not far from your line of sight.  The mother bird is feeding her babies their morning nourishment.  Oh my, you see the neighbor’s dog wandering around the yard looking for his designated reserved spots to relieve himself.  You giggle thinking how obvious the spots are compared to the rest of the beautifully trimmed and well cared for grass.

You are now dressed and in the kitchen enjoying the aroma of the sizzling coffee pouring into your favorite mug.  You wander into the family room, turn the TV on and curl in the molded, favorite spot on the couch that fits you to perfection from its long worn life, sipping your coffee and feeling peaceful.

You are playing with buttons on the remote and maneuvering them from one show to another until you find the one you want to watch.  You pick up your electronic device, either an iPad, iPhone, tablet or laptop, to check the emails you may have received since the last time you read them.

 You finished your coffee, breakfast and are cleaning up the used dishes and return to your bedroom to wash up, dress, make the bed and then realize the hamper is full and you begin to load the washer.  Chores are always waiting to be done, but you realize they are part of your everyday life and they won’t get done on their own  However, you have planned them out so you can complete them throughout your week.

If you want to, you may go to the gym for a water aerobics class, work out on the treadmill or bike.  You may realize a workout at a gym or taking a long walk three times a week is hard but certainly healthy for your body, mind and soul.  It helps clear one’s mind of negative thoughts and negative people.

The TV announcer assured you earlier it will be a full sunny day, low 80s; perfect!!!  You may enjoy the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze on your face blowing your hair just slightly.  Yay, no humidity today.

So what are you going to do for the remainder of the day.  You may consider calling a friend to meet for a lunch date, or  enjoy a few hours working at a favorite hobby such as painting, drawing, knitting  or needlework.  You could  take a cold drink or another cup of coffee out on your deck,if you have one, and enjoy the newest book you were reading the previous night before your eyes became heavy with sleep.

So many choices.  No one to tell you what you should do.  So much freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want.  No fears of loss of your personal freedom, idenity, space, loss of peace and most importantly, no controlling and fear of self worth.

This is certainly a perfect day…. If only???

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