My Guardian Angel

My sweet child is working his magic again.  I am finding myself in situations totally out of my control.  I feel his presence with me all the time.  There are too many coincidences occurring in my life.  

Several months ago I found a Women’s Business Group formed for the purpose to support women in careers in business either as part of the corporate world or opening their own business.  

At that time I was struggling to create a brand with the qualities I had with my life experiences and my talent as a self taught painter and fabric artist.  I walked into this room by myself not really knowing why since I always struggled with shyness.  However, I strongly felt like someone was guiding me and I needed to follow.

I listened to the speaker for that month, awkwardly stayed after the meeting not knowing what to do but feeling the pull to stay.  I was told there will be a meeting after the speaker and anyone was invited to stay.  Again I found myself sitting around in the circle and joined the meeting.

To my surprise, again I had no preconception what I was doing, I walked away after the meeting finding  I had volunteered to be their treasurer.

Several months later after getting to know many of the wonderful members of this group, I gained so much knowledge, my self esteem is much improved and  my confidence is getting stronger each month.

If my sweet guardian angel didn’t guide me that day I would never had met Esther who has become a friend and a great trainer, teaching me how to tell my story as a motivational speaker and Molly, who is a very talented web builder and is helping me to build a powerful website.  Molly is a delightful woman with two beautiful children, working on building her business.  By helping me she is gaining experience.  It is a win win situation for all three of us, Esther, Molly and myself; we are women trying to make a mark in the business world competing with the opposite sex.

Now back to my guardian angel who appears to be working overtime these days.  I feel my life is changing again, I am not sure in what direction, but I am putting all my trust in him because he trusted me for 28 years.

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