A revelation

You  may have noticed changes in my blog both physical and content.  For example, I changed the name of my blog to Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom.  I believe it reflects the metamorphosis of my life since I retired five years ago.

For the past five years I truly believe I was in the process of finding who I was as a wife, mother, sister and friend. Something happened to me unconsciously controlling my every day actions, thoughts, motivations and mental health.  I was beginning to see myself in a different light, one who could be successful, loving, and a good friend.

If you are experiencing similar feelings of change like this, please stay with me and listen to what I have to say.  You just may find it very valuable to your future success.

Almost forty-four years ago the only ambitions I had at the time was to get married, work in a job I enjoyed and have children and live the rest of my life raising my children.  I was fantasizing the characters in Leave it to Beaver where life was perfect.  However, that was not reality. I was living in an unrealistic world.

On September 8, 1979 my unrealistic world changed to reality which hit me hard and almost knocked me over.  I had the choice to forge ahead or walk away.  Of course I took the correct road and this is when my unconscious self took over and slowly turned me into the person I really was born to be but didn’t know it.

Are you confused?  No worries, I will try and help you understand.

I was born with the gift of nurturing, caring, supporting and all the values one needs to care for a child with severe disabilities.  I thought my subconscious self came out of its hiding place and took over.  For many years I felt I was living outside of my body and acting like a bystander while my subconscious did its duties.

I get it now after two years in therapy.  I wasn’t living in a dream or through rose colored glasses outside my body, it was the real me.  I found myself on September, 1979 and only realizing it now.   My glasses are now very clear.  I see myself for the first time as an intelligent woman whose passions are very strong.  I believe in very strong issues that are cramming my mind trying to be verbalized in words, actions and speech.  I have a very strong itch that needs to be fixed, so to speak.

I want to share my wisdom of life with the world and help those who do not yet know who they are.  I want to share my beliefs in a diverse world and teach parents how to accept their fate and having to care for their precious special needs child.  There is so much I can share from my life experiences.

My book, Our Special Child:  Jason’s Story is about my life connection with my son.  This is the beginning of Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom.  I will share inspiration on this blog, in writing and through motivational speaking.  It is my destiny with my guardian angel by my side.

This book is available for $15.00, free shipping from my website 


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