I am still working hard realizing I am soon going to officially be a senior.  Starting in August I will be on Medicare.  Also in August, it will be five years since I retired and ten years since I moved out of the city I lived in since birth.  August will be a great month to party!!!

One would think I should slow down considering the challenging life I lived for so many years.  It isn’t in my personality to slow down.

I realized I learned very important values from my father.  Many years ago after I found my first job as a medical secretary, I celebrated the enormous salary I earned, which was $85.00 a week.  I was ecstatic and told my Dad I wanted to buy a car.  

My father taught me very important values.  If I want something, I need to work to earn the money.  My goal as a young, newly employed person was to buy my first car.  Because my father was proud of my achievement and I understood the important value of earning money to achieve my goals, he offered me a deal.  If I buy the car and make the payments, he will pay for my insurance.  I didn’t hesitate to take that deal.

Now back to the present day.  I still follow the same values my wise father taught me.  I worked hard all my life.  The values I learned so many years ago is still very much part of my life.  I knew if I did the best I could to care and advocate for my son, I will suceed in life.  Succeeding doesn’t need to be in a monetary value.  For me, it is paying it back.  

Writing my book, posting in my blog, creating inspirational art for other people to enjoy, and training for a career as a motivational speaker is how I will pay it back.  This is how I will spend the remainder of my life and will continue to follow the positive values my father passed on to me.  I already know my father’s wisdom passed through generations because my son also appreciates the value of earning money in order to make his life and family happy.

Virtual Hugs Friends,


3 thoughts on “Values

  1. Oh, dear Judy, you are so brave and and encouragement. I will be caring for my two grandkids for the next school year beginning at the end of August. I think God has created this scenario for me so I won’t complain but grit my teach and bear it as my strength level is nil sometimes. I know God says he will give strength to those who need and ask for it. Maybe this is why we were given grandchildren as they keep us young and going full speed ahead.
    I know your desire to be an advocate will take you to many interesting places. It will and is happening for you with your courage and determination.
    virtual hugs to you too!


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