A Great Movie – MAX

My husband and I were alone for the holiday.  We realize we are in the senior stage of our life together.  Our son and his own family are making their own memories and the remainder of our extended family are either in heaven or scattered throughout the country.  All we are left with are our wonderful memories of past holidays.

Not wanting to feel sorry for ourselves, we planned a great day.  We saw Max at a nearby movie and stopped for a wonderful dinner after the movie.

When I saw the previews of the movie I knew it would be something we both would like.  We are dog lovers.  I will not describe the movie because you need to see it for yourself and would not want to be a spoiler.  However, if you really are lovers of dogs you must see this movie.  We both walked out very proud and gained a new respect for the amazing dogs who sacrifice their lives along with our brave men and women in our armed forces.

It is a must see movie.  No worries, you will walk away with love and honor for our four leg furry friends and not too many tears.



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