To me , Independance Day is represented in this video.  Before our country was integrated with immigrants from many various countries seeking refuge to a place that represented freedom, we should not forget the natives who lived here before the migration of foreigners.  They have their rights to freedom as well and should be respected.

My grandfather traveled via ship from Russia in 1902 fleeing from a war his religion did not believe in.  He came to America to seek freedom of religion, speech, and the right to live with his family in freedom.

As we celebrate with our families on this day, lets not forget the true meaning of this day and not take it for granted.  Remember our veterans who sacrifice their lives for our freedom.  Remember the people who are different in some way and accept them in our lives.  Respect the different cultures, ethnicities, religions and the choice of the right to love who you want.

We live in a dangerous world.  We must be diligent in what we do or see around us or on the Internet.  We must keep ourselves  and families safe from harm.  I feel we are starting to lose the rights we all take for granted.  Let’s try to hang onto our rights for freedom and independence.


  1. This is so true, Judy. My husbands grandparents came by ship from Sweden at the turn of the century. They ended up living in Oakland, California. My husbands, mother’s relatives came from both Holland and Germany. They too fled religious persecution and came to America. Many are coming to America, today, because of hard times in their own countries too. But our American ‘rights’ are definitely at stake in these times. The times they are a changing.


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