Taking you with me at a Flea Market

Today is Saturday and I am in my car heading for a half day selling experience at a flea market in a nearby town.  Luckily I woke up early enough to quickly munch down some breakfast and coffee for fuel for the day.  No doubt I will buy something I should not eat later on, but we won’t talk about that😉

I manage to park close enough for me to unpack my car, place everything carefully tied with bungy cords to my handy-dandy cart, and enter the building looking for my table reserved with my name.

I find my table, unload my cart and stash the cart under the table out of the way.  I spread my black table cloth and purple runner with my logo sewn on and carefully arrange my wares to look appealing and interesting for one to stop and actuallylook at what I have on my table.  One needs to have a mindset in marketing to make your table appealing to the hoards of people who walk by to hope they stop at your table.  It is a science, you know!  

I am all set, sit down on the hard seat provided, and wait.  Unfortunately, today I ran out of the house so quickly, I forgot to take my knitting.  This will be a long day for sure.

The doors open and the bargain hunters come in droves.  Sitting on my hard chair with nothing to do but say good morning, how are you today, this is my book just released; repeating myself for the next couple of hours.  At last, someone stops, looks at my book, picks it up to read the synopsis on the back cover, places it back down and congratulates me on my accomplishment.   She then looks over my other wares and compliments me on how talented I am, for which, of course, I say thank you; and off she goes to the next table.  Oh well.

The scenero repeats itself over and over again.  An hour later, after receiving several more compliments on my fiber designs, the same woman returns, picks up the book again and ask me will this make me cry.  I wonder to myself, well it depends on you I suppose.  However, I reply yes but I will guarantee you will laugh as well.  She pulls out her money and I got a sale.  All that for one book.  

Time to clean up, pack my table, pile my unsold wares on my handy-dandy cart, and off I go.  Not a totally lost day, I sold a book, received lots of compliments and shared stories about special needs children.

One might think this was a waste of time, effort and money but for me; however,  I had an opportunity to meet people, receive compliments which certainly fed my inner critic, and most importantly, spreading disability awareness just maybe changed one person’s opinion.

Note:  Craft shows are better venues than flea markets.  Flea marketers are looking for bargains only.  If I had a sign on my table saying “Everything on this table is $1.00, I would probably sell out quickly.  I attend both because I am reaching out to people, hoping to spread disability awareness and introducing my son.  You never know what connection you will make.

Virtual hugs to you my friends,


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