“Here’s what I wish you would do.”


Thirty years ago I wish I had access to electronics like the internet so I could express my feelings like the mother did in this story in the above link.

Many times our family would go to the mall with Jason because Jason loved to be there.  He loved the colors of the store displays, the sounds of people conversing and just taking and all the excitement he felt being amongst people.  He would smile as people walked past him.  It never bothered him the strange looks he would get in return or the parents who would grab their child’s hand to move away from the child in the wheelchair like he had a disease their child may catch.

I am so thankful he didn’t see the stares as we passed by or the disgust on their faces when Jason screeched with delight when he heard music.  Jason was not able to control his body when he was happy.  He would screech very loud and his arms and legs would go into spasms. It was his way of showing joy.  Unfortunately, people walked out of his way just so they wouldn’t be near him.

I only wished if just one person would have been kind enough to approach Jason, shake his hand, or just say hello.  He would have loved the interaction.  It was their loss.

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