Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My….

I lived most of my life in the big city of Philadelphia and moved to rural Bucks County in 2005.  It will be 10 years in August.  

Yesterday I am driving a very familiar route I take three times a week to the gym for my water aerobic classes.  I am on the very heavily traveled Easton Road in Warrington waiting to turn into the parking lot where my gym is located.  “Why is there a car sitting in front of me not moving?  Is there something wrong with the driver?”, I wonder.  I turn on my left turn signal waiting to maneuver my car around this car when I see a large turtle, very slowly making his way over to the side of the road.

While I am laughing at this scene, I am reminded of another day when I was driving on route 202.  (This is a new constructed highway built about two years ago to help the flow of traffic in our area of the county.)  I approach cars that have stopped on both the east and west sides of the highway.  I am wondering what happened?  Suddenly, if I didn’t see this with my own eyes,  I would not believe it, a mother duck with her babies were waddling across the busy highway.

One day I heard a knocking sound in the woods across the street and I was told it was a wood pecker.  A neighbor found a large garden snake on our lawn.  I am happy I missed that one.  Occasionally I need to leave my house early to sit for my grandchildren and I hear a bird I could share is whistling at me like a man would whistle at a woman.  Finally, I was looking out my back window and almost called 911.  I thought I saw a large animal that looked like a mountain lion.  A neighbor told me it was a fox.

Hence the title of this post, “lions, tigers and bears…oh my!!”  I am not fretting, I love it.  For a city girl…this is the real life.  If I was still living in Philadelphia, the only sounds I would be hearing would be police helicopters over our house, police sirens and probably gun shots and fire engines.

By the way, our development is across the way from a shooting range, so, I do hear guns; however no fear, they are just hitting targets……I hope😉

3 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My….

  1. I am finally here at your site! My sister, who lives in Minnesota probably drove very near to where you live. She and her four children and also my brother (who lives in Virginia) decided to go to Philly about a month ago. My sister and brother met up half way, as It was all kind of spur of the moment for all of them, or I would have asked her to look you up. HIndsight can be what it is. I will look around some more on your site here. You have it set up very professionally and I like the positive blue colors you chose for the background and words.

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