The Pickle Jar

Recently a friend sent me this video.  It is a powerful and unique way for him to express priorities in life to his students.  I found it to be an important message that deserves to be shared on my blog.

I love writing and sharing messages that are so important to me such as disability awareness, women’s rights, peace in the world and spirituality.

It has been almost two years now expressing and sharing my thoughts, art and spirituality here on WordPress; I  treated myself to a new design.  Do you like it?  I also changed the name to help establish who I am as a woman.  Funny that most of you began to call me Jude and I liked it.  My secondary name, Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom certainly captures my spirituality, the love of inspiring and how I am aging so wisely😉

I am so grateful to my 180 followers who read my blog.  I consider you all my friends.  Thank you all for your devotion.
Enjoy this video.

Virtual Hugs


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