Watching Television is Inspiring

Dear Friends,

If you have been following me you probably know I enjoy watching television.  You may ask when I find the time?  DVR is the best new device I have and use it regularly.  I enjoy watching television in the morning while eating breakfast, at lunch time, late in the afternoon after my busy day, and after dinner until I cannot keep my eyes open anymore.

I am mostly inspired watching American Idol, The Voice, Master Chef and America’s Got Talent.  What can be more inspiring than watching a person like you and I having a dream and working very hard to bring the dream to fruition?  It allows me to believe dreams can come true.  This is the ultimate inspiration.

Just recently I started watching Parenthood on Netflix.  For some reason I chose not to watch the show at real time.  After I viewed the first episode, first season, I was hooked and managed to watch all the shows in all 6 seasons in about three weeks.

It was a very well written show.  What impressed me most, the ability to capture a true family of today with subjects ranging from disability, cancer, inner racial marriage, heart disease, single mom issues, unwanted pregnancy, PTSD and marital problems.  Most of the issues are part of my family history.   There wasn’t one episode I didn’t find myself crying;  I could relate.  

I learned a great deal from this show.  I no longer believe I am not the only one dealing with real life issues.  I know it was a drama on television but  how many of you out there related to this great American family with their problems?  I will bet many of you have.

Virtual hugs dear friends,


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