Today is Ali’s 9th birthday.   She is our sweet, loving dog.  We adopted her 8 months before Jason passed away.  She helped us through the difficult days of mourning, lying by our side when she felt our sadness.  Her only concern was to make us happy, and she eventually did.

Ali has her faults and unfortunately has a reputation of not being a friendly dog.  She will not let any people in our house she doesn’t know.  She will bark uncontrollably when she sees our neighbor outside and will bark at the children playing.

She loves our son and grandchildren and all I have to say. Michael, Dylan or Lindsey are coming, she will park herself at the window anxiously waiting for them to arrive with her tail wagging.

Recently I had surgery and when I arrived home and slept all afternoon, she layed  by my side to provide comfort.

Her only job in life is to provide unconditional love to her family and protect us from harm.  We all have our personality issues.  I only ask people to look beyond her poor behavior and believe us she is one very special dog , and we love her unconditionally as she does for us.


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