A Special Tribute to my Mom


This is a picture of my beautiful mother when she was in her early twenties.  She was raised in a rural small town in upstate New York.  Her parents were immigrants from Russia who did not speak English.  My grandfather somehow managed to raise and feed six children while making little money pulling a horse and wagon through the streets selling rags. They were poor but very much loved and well cared for, and all the children graduated from high school.

My mother married my father after World War II and they moved to Brooklyn, New York and eventually to Philadelphia when my father was transferred in his job with the Veterans Administration.

My sister was born and three years later I came along and Mom was a stay at home mom taking  great care of both of us.  When I started school, Mom got a job with the Naval Depot which was walking in distance from our house.  My sister and I took care of ourselves after school until she returned home from work.

She was a full time mother, had a full time job, cleaned the house and made us homemade dinners every night.  She was a Brownie Leader as well.

My values I learned from her made me the woman I am today.  She taught me to be independent, encouraged me to be self sufficient and tried to instill self esteem and build my confidence, but this wasn’t an easy chore since I believe we had the same faults.  She tried to make me better than her by pushing me to suceed and encouraged me to socialize by joining the USO in 1969.  She was a member of the USO in WWII, where she met my father.

My mother passed away in 1986 and I still miss her very much.  She supported me during my challenging years caring for my boys  and I know how much she loved them along with my nephew and niece.

Happy Mother’s Day mom.  You were my best friend, mentor and loving mother and I will cherish the values I learned from you for the rest of my life.

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