Mother’s Day 

Holidays in our family have always been a big deal.  We would gather the entire family, literally stuffed in a small row home in Philadelphia.  It didn’t matter because we were together to celebrate and enjoy good food.

Mother’s Day was always fun celebrating with my mom as a young girl and then graduated to celebrating with both my mom and my mother-in-law.  We all got along very nicely and welcomed both of our parents together for my husband and I to honor both mothers.

When my boys were born we still all came together for all the mother’s to be honored.  Most of the time we had one large BBQ at one of our houses because it was important to celebrate all mother’s in our family.

In recent years life certainly has changed.  My mom and mother-in-law are now passed along with my son.  Mother’s Day is not the same.  I am mostly okay but it does hurt.  I miss my mother and my son.  The day usually passes by as just another day.  

My dearly departed mother, mother-in-law and son will be in my thoughts on Mother’s Day and I am blessed for their memories.

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