Book Review of Our Special Child: Jason’s Story

Alana from very graciously offered to review my book on her blog. She has a wonderful blog and I highly recommend you to check her blog and follow her reviews.

As a new author you know I was on pins and needles waiting for her review. I am aware this is a natural feeling for all authors and artists. My career as a writer and artist began five years ago. I am totally self taught. I devoted my entire life to my two sons. I am retired and now it is my turn. It is never too late to start a career at the age of 65???

Her review of my book was on the spot. I desperately tried writing this book with all the emotion I could find in my soul in order to get my feelings through. She recognized this and for that I am very happy.

I have a goal to take this book out to the early intervention programs and schedule book discussions with the young parents today who are just starting out caring for their special needs child.

For many years I took Jason to therapist, doctors, hospital visits, cerebral palsy clinics and had many discussions with social workers; however, I never once had a chance to talk with another mother who went through the same experience. I needed someone to mentor me, to help me through the days when I thought I would mentally fall apart.

This is my dream and my goal and I will work to open the doors to make this happen. I do not give up easily.

Virtual Hugs

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