Recovering From Surgery And Using My Downtime Powerfully

To my dear WordPress friends; I underwent an endoscopic sinus surgical procedure last Thursday.  I have been forced to recuperate quietly at home since last week.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep myself still for so long; however, the procedure and the effects of coming out of anesthesia to this “not so young body,” is definitely keeping me intact on my somewhat old but comfy sofa with my loving dog lying beside me.

With that being said, I am feeling stronger in mind but still weak in body.  I am using my down time very effectively, however.  

I received a lovely tribute in our local paper about my book, Our Special Chiłd:  Jason’s Story.  It was well received and I am very thankful to the reporter for a well written article.  The book is available on and, as well as and my site at www.  If you purchased my book, thank you.  I would be thankful if you would write a review for me on any of these sites.

I am working on organizing my first book signing in our community here in Pennsylvania next month.  My publisher sent outa ton of news feeds to media contacts within a 20 mile radius of my house and I am starting to follow up with them.  

Yesterday I read a FaceBook post in a private cerebral palsy group I am following.  I was so affected by her words, putting me in tears.  They were tears of deep anger.  She is a young mother caring for her special needs child and received a notice that she may lose her son’s SSI benefits for a reason so lame.  I pictured a beaurocratic person sitting behind a desk who has no clue of what this woman is dealing with.  He has blinders on and only sees what he interprets in laws that are full of red tape baloney.

Maybe it is unfair to blame this person since he didn’t write the law, only doing his job.    I can guarantee you the laws are written so precisely, full of words that can be interpreted in different ways.  I believe in my heart this is done on purpose in order to strategically stop the flow of money.  Our government really is not in the business to help young parents with special needs.  If our politicians are forced to pass these laws, I can guarantee you they are going to make it very difficult for the funds to be distributed.  Let’s face it, the parents of special needs children are lost in the everyday political bull shit we all read and hear in the news.

I don’t accept this.  This is why I wrote my book.  Jason and I need to make some difference.  I will do everything in my power to take one step at a time to make sure Jason’s life is honored and his legacy will live on to make a difference in helping special needs children and their families.  I will dedicate the rest of my life taking one step at a time to reach my goal.  Someone out there will hear me.  

4 thoughts on “Recovering From Surgery And Using My Downtime Powerfully

  1. I totally hear you on this one, Judy. Thinking of you as you go forward in your recovery from surgery. I think you will be a tremendous advocate with your book once it begins to trickle down into the handicap children community feedback affecting people in all walks of life. And may it also have an impact on government run agencies who have no clue as to the demands upon the caregivers of these dear children who can never take care of themselves. The constant physical necessities many handicap children require on a day to day basis can be astronomical! The cost, the time involved, the minute by minute care is a tremendous responsibility for the caregivers so that the children can at least have some type of life for themselves. (Ignoring the fact that the caregivers hardly have a life of their own!) Any funds given (from our ‘worthy’ government) to handicap children should be a donation worthy of a charitable act much like a ‘grant’ for the cultural obsessions which surround us, to a more immediate and purposeful use for human acceptance and promotion of a more gratifying life for the handicap. Don’t get me started on our government.


  2. The national conversation has become so focused on the government saving money and punishing those who need support that it makes me wonder if people are listening to the pain it causes. Thank you for speaking out.


    1. Obviously they are not. This is why I wrote the book and opened my heart to the pain I lived with for so many years. I will dedicate the rest of my life to try and change society’s attitude toward the challenged individual and their families. Thank you for your support.


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