Feeling Blessed

i am sitting quietly in the comfort of my home just contemplating.  I decided to express my thoughts here because I feel this blog is my sanctuary, a place to speak frankly.  I never wrote in a journal before and wonder why?  I can imagine reading through years of my writings and glowing in my thoughts through the years.  I am sorry I didn’t have one.

However, I am so thankful I have this blog.  This is my journal.  This is a place I can express myself freely.  I am aware that I am not alone here, however, I am in peace with this because just maybe I have something to say or show here on my blog that can help someone else.

My book was released yesterday and I received many accolades from friends and family that left me feeling so blessed.  My publisher sent me an eighteen page document detailing all the news releases that were sent out within 20 mile radius of where I live.  I have my first interview with a local newspaper in my county.  Yes…I am feeling blessed.

With all of the above happening, I need to halt my life for a couple of weeks starting March 26.  I need to undergo an endoscopic sinus procedure to open up my sinus tract which is severely blocked, along with correcting a deviated septum.  I have been plagued with chronic sinusitis since the first frost here in Pennsylvania.  This is affecting my quality of life and the surgeon and my allergist strongly suggested I have this procedure done.  I have been told that after I recover, I will be feeling like a new person. Now I am looking forward to getting my quality of life back.

This morning, for the first time I can recall, I spoke out loud to my son Jason.  I asked him if he is proud of my accomplishments.  I told him I believe our goals to reach families of special needs children is getting closer to our dream.  I believe he heard me and could imagine his bright smile warming me through to my soul.  I did this for you dear Jason.  I now know the purpose for your young life and I promise I will do everything I can to make our goals happen.  Love you dear guardian angel of mine!

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