A Thought Provoking Article

The other day I read a very interesting article and it left me with my imagination working in full force.  I imagined an interpretation so wild that it just needed to be shared with you.

Without quoting the article in its exact words or copying it here, I will explain the point of the article and share my very odd interpretation from my off the beat imagination.

The story in the article related a conversation between twin fetuses inside their mother’s womb.  If you know my backstory you probably figured out my impression in my own words.

It is the day of their birth and the twin boys were enjoying the comfort and warmth of their environmental surroundings enjoying nourishment from their umbilical cord.  Suddenly there comfortable and safe surroundings are showing signs of a drastic change.  They are feeling pressure and the home they lived in for seven months appears to be in jeopardy.  

The older brother feels the need to comfort his brother because he is very upset.  “I am so scared.  I am not ready to leave the comfort of our mother’s womb and the much needed nourishment I still need to make me stronger.  My lungs are not strong enough.”  The older twin attempts to comfort his brother.  “I know how you feel but I don’t think we have a choice.  We are losing our nourishment and air supply.  We have to be delivered.  Don’t worry, the doctors will take care of us.”  

Almost immediately the older brother feels the hands of someone lifting him and placing him down somewhere, amd reach for his younger brother just 30 seconds later.’ “Well brother we are now in our new world and I hope we both will be okay.  I am now scared too.”

Okay, I warned you my imagination was off the wall.  However, you have to admit it is certainly an interesting concept to contemplate.  The younger brother in my imagination was Jason and he had every right to be scared.  He knew his life will never be normal.  As scared as he was of what his life would be like, he was extremely thrilled his brother survived the difficulty of the first two months after leaving the comfort of their mother’s womb.

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