Walk Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am relatively a very shy individual. Surprised?…yes I am as well.

As a child I was extremely self absorbed in my insecurities, lack of self esteem and very awkward with groups. I had a very supportive home life with my parents and my sister.  There was nothing in my life back then to cause me to act this way.  Because of this strange fault in my personality, my experience in grade school, middle school and especially in high school was awkward and very hard to deal with.  I had friends but never was able to keep them for long.  When I graduated high school, I wasn’t that girl who hung out with groups of friends attending dances or going to clubs.  I was lonely.  There was no one to blame but myself.  It was my awkward personality I was born with and I needed to overcome it someway.

My mother understood this fault in my personality.  Possibly I took after her and she saw herself in me.  She pushed me to join the USO back in 1968 to meet friends and learn how to interact with different people, both men and women.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and listened to my mother and joined the USO.

The USO was the beginning of my new life.  I met friends who are now my life long friends who I care very much for. I also met many different personalities of young men who needed my friendship.  They were away from home for the first time in their life and on their way to war.  I was someone they could talk to and provide some comfort before they went off to Vietnam.

When my twin boys were born, again I found myself having to change.  For the first time it wasn’t hard for me to step out of my comfort zone.  I was like a mother hen protecting her flock.  I would have done anything I needed to take care of my boys.  I would have jumped off a bridge if needed, to save my boys.  I set a standard as a mother who meant business and all professionals I had contact with, understood what made me tick and respected me as a mother who you did not full around with.

However, this wasn’t something I acquired immediately.  I needed to learn through mistakes, some crucial, in order to create the dynamic personality I needed in order to care for a special needs child.  For this reason, along with a few others, I wrote my book, Our Special Child:Jason’s Story.  I needed to document the trials and tribulations I went through in order to become the best advocate I needed to be for both of my boys.  I want young parents today to read my book and know they can follow my story and learn from it.  They also can be the best advocate for their special needs child as well; especially if you have the personality I had as explained above. You can overcome anything if you have the desire to.

I am still working through my shyness.  Last night I attended a social for the first time sponsored by a professional women’s organization I belong to.  There were 150 people at this social and I had to walk through the door and represent myself as a professional woman business owner and network with them.  I was apprehensive all day thinking about the event.  I was afraid to be the wall flower, standing alone and looking awkward.  I was stepping out of my comfort zone again….Yuck!  However, I put on my brave face and stepped into the “war zone”, so to speak, and I did great. Thankfully, the group and its members, are very inviting, friendly, outgoing and made me feel part of the posse with common interests and needs.  They did not allow me to be the wall flower I feared.

Note: To my readers in cyber world who were lucky enough to find my blog, let me give you a word of advise.  In order to help make yourself more comfortable with large groups, get involved.  I am the new treasurer of my group and I believe it helped me feel part of the central core as compared to being the outsider looking in.  Just a suggestion…

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Have a great day friends

Virtual hugs from


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